Check out the answers to some of the most common questions of our community.  If you have a question that isn’t addressed below, let us know and we will do our best to find out!

HELP! Who do I call?

Have an emergency?  See a trespassing night fisherman?  Suspect you’ve seen a ghost?  If you have an emergency, call 911.  (NINE ONE ONE)  To contact the St. Charles Parish non-emergency department, try 985-783-6807.  The Ghost Busters are presently not accepting calls according to our latest updates.

I need to get in or out of the gate on Lac Borgne Dr.  How do I do it?

While some drivers prefer to drive through the gate, we recommend unlocking the pad lock that secures the gate.  If you need the code for the gate, let us know.

There’s an Alligator!  Should I move?

Probably not.  According to WikiPedia and recent neighbor testimonials, alligators only eat small fish, levee rats, and wildly misbehaving children.  They lived in Ashton Plantation before we did and have become the ‘unofficial’ official mascot of our neighborhood, so they should be tolerated to a certain degree.  If you are threatened, frightened, or just downright opposed to their presence, call the Wildlife and Fisheries department at 337-373-0032 or Kenny Schmill (The Alligator Man) at 985-785-9007.  If you prefer to just post photos of baby gators from safe distances, join our Facebook page and post away! #GatorTales

My trash can is still there.  What’s the deal?

Weekly trash collection in Ashton Plantation is scheduled for Monday and Thursday.  Sometimes they arrive super early in the morning, so don’t be alarmed (perhaps set up some lawn chairs and a pot of coffee to welcome and thank them for their service).  Every now and then, they are a little late or bypass our homes.  If you miss a pick up, call the Parish Contract Monitor at 985-331-8604.

My neighbor’s lawnmower must be broken.  Who should I call?

It rains.  We travel.  Some people just hate cutting grass.  But, there are rules and regulations outlining landscaping compliance throughout our community.  If you see a lawn or empty lot that you suspect may not be in compliance, let us know (anonymously–submit a photo form), or call the St. Charles Parish Public Works at 985-783-5102.

Blackout?  YouTube/Netflix not working?  No Water?  Call your utility provider.


When the lights are off, try adjusting your lightswitch to the “up” position.  If that doesn’t work, try calling Entergy at 123-444-5555.


We get it.  YouTube is down–Your kids scream. Netflix is slow–your husband screams.  The NFL Channel is only showing highlights of a Saints loss–your wife screams.  It’s most likely not you.  It’s them.  Here are the phone numbers for Cox Cable and AT&T, the primary service providers to Ashton Plantation.  




If water is falling through your ceiling, try a roofer (no recommendations here).  If water isn’t falling from your faucets, try St. Charles Parish Water Board (not to be confused with the St. Charles Parish Water Boarding Society) at 123-444-5555. 

I’m thinking about throwing a party at the Community Center.  Who should I call?

The Ashton Plantation Community Center is a “insert HOA bylaws rule” property owned and operated by the developers of Ashton Plantation.  With the exception of July 3, the clubhouse is generally available for {paid} rental.  Visit the clubhouse at 400 Lac Verret Dr. (operating hours TBD), call 123-444-5555, or email for information.  

What’s the rule about…?

The Ashton Plantation Home Owners Association, LLC (not affiliated, to be confused with the Ashton Plantation Civic Association) has a published set of covenants.  Here’s a link to them.  Good luck! 

I’m thinking about sending my children to school.  What are my options?

Homeschooling isn’t for everyone.  The pool is only open during the warm season, so we have to find something to do with the little guys and gals otherwise.  Here’s a listing of all of the known schools in St. Charles Parish, in alphabetical.  No expressed or implied favor is given to any particular school.

I’m eager to get involved with the Ashton Plantation Civic Association.  Where do I begin?

At the time of this writing, no one had official asked this question, so the following answer is strictly the opinion of the author… Just let us know!  We need and want your help!  Contact us right now by clicking this handy dandy link.  

I would prefer to do business with a neighbor.  Who does what?

We are in this community together.  Check out the directory of businesses where our neighbors work.  The Ashton Plantation Civic Association has no expressed or implied endorsement of any business listed here.  Had a great or terrible experience with a local business?  Tell your neighbors about it here.  

Is it dark around here or is that light post globe just crooked again?

Light bulb went off with a great idea?  We can’t help you there.  But, if a light bulb is malfunctioning on a street lamp, call the Parish Contract Monitor at 985-331-8604.  They are also responsible for the missing or crooked globes.  If you see something, say something!

We’ve heard there is an architect that is in charge of approvals and construction guidelines. Who Dat?

According to the Ashton Plantation website, “a significant part of the plan involves the Covenants and Restrictions. The purpose of the Covenants and Restrictions is to provide minimum acceptable standards for key aspects of building and living in Ashton Plantation.”  As it relates to architectural guidelines and approvals, Brady Garrity is the point of contact. or 504-366-4475.

Who should I speak with about Landscape Design and guidelines?

Per the design guidelines of Ashton Plantation: “Attractive and well-maintained landscaping is vitally important to the quality image of any good neighborhood and is especially important to Ashton Plantation.”  The individual appointed by the Ashton Plantation HOA to oversee landscaping approvals and guidelines is Guy Grissom.  He can be reached at 504-415-5094.